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Are You Just Starting Your Coaching Business? Or Have You Been Around A While and Finding Its Not Going Quite as You Expected?

Grass Roots to Green Shoots by Naomi JohnsonWhy not read the highly acclaimed new book from Naomi Johnson called “Grass Roots to Green Shoots”?

Written from first hand experience Grass Roots to Green Shoots by Naomi Johnson is a must read for anyone thinking of embarking on building a business or those who are already someway down the line. You’ll learn insights that will transform your business and your personal performance that no ‘success’ gurus are talking about.

If your journey into self employment is turning out to be harder than you thought, you’re not alone. Thousands of people embark on this new adventure each year, but few land on their feet. In this book, Naomi talks honestly about what it really takes to start a coaching business and what led her, after a successful start, to end up sleeping on the sofa, renting her room out to a stranger and eating baked beans for every meal. Find Out More

“Easy to read and packed with a powerful message for those looking to start their own companies, this book is an invaluable tool in showing you the mistakes you can make, the financial cost to you, and the implications if you give up before the green roots turn to green shoots.

It shows you how to effectively buy the time needed to get your business off the ground and then make it work for you without you being there. A 5* must read for all wanabee business men and women of the future who want to succeed”.

Oni Bhattacharya, Business Owner Read More Reviews

Marketing Help For Coaches provides the tools and support for Coaches who are determined to make their businesses grow and produce a sustainable income while helping other achieve results. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their goals through online events, forums, resources, and live events.

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“Being able to access Naomi’s skills and experience in marketing has been invaluable to me in establishing my own business. Particularly in areas I am not accustomed to, such as sales and the use of social media. Naomi “tells it to me” the way it is in reality, without embellishment drawing on her own experience of what works. I respect her honesty and genuine attitude.” James Cooke (Former Chief Inspector Scotland Yard)”

“Naomi is an excellent marketing coach, with an excellent understanding of the principles of marketing and how to apply them to your business. Since using her as my coach I have developed a proper marketing strategy, which is producing results. I have also increased in confidence and feel more at
ease promoting my services.” ~ Alistair Miller,