Home Study Group Coaching

Home study programmes are fantastic because they let you learn from home at your own speed. However, do they provide you the accountability and involvement that you need to succeed?

If you are someone who benefits from being with others and talking through your ideas, our group coaching is the solution.

The groups can be focused around one of two of our home study programs and the sessions can be spaced either one week or two weeks apart. In each session, we’ll dial in online and talk about the content of the module and answer any questions you have about the topic.

We’ll spend the majority of our time talking about your current ideas and activities. If you have a challenge, the group will work with you to find a solution. They’ll provide you with refreshing insights and perspectives you couldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Each week, you’re coaching mentor will set challenges for the delegates to keep them moving in their business, plus offer marketing training and tailored advise.

Those who have attended before have reported that this level of involvement has provided accountability, interaction, friendships and new business opportunities. The regular interaction with the same individuals each session has allowed them to journey together on what can be a challenging and confusing journey.

If you are interested in forming a group or joining an existing one, please email naomi@marketinghelpforcoaches.com for more information.

“Joining Naomi’s mentoring group was a great way to connect with like minded business owners, focus on my business and get the motivaion to move me forward. Naomi demonstrated her knowledge in each session with useful and helpful marketing insights that really benefited the group. Being part of the group showed me how much I already did now and gave me the confidence and momentum to go forward. I would recommend this structured group coaching to anyone who is determined to get results in their business.” Karen Revell, Coach, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the groups?

Groups are usually 4 – 6 people, but this is entirely your choice. If you have friends you would like to do this program with the groups can be tailored as needed.

What time of day is it?

The time is set according to the time those in the group can attend, however they usually take place on Monday or Thursday. If you have a group of people in mind we can set the time according to the group majority.

Will I get one to one support?

Yes and no. In the training sessions your Marketing Coach will offer you specific marketing advise and coaching which can very much feel one on one. Our coaches also go the extra mile and thus often do little extra’s outside of the coaching program.