How Did This Mum Juggle Her Life and Create a Successful Business?

Elizabeth Graney

Learn how to get the foundations right in your business and in your home in order to sustain a solid business!

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Meet Elizabeth Graney. Over the last twenty years she has had many successful businesses, but her last one nearly broke her physically, mentally and financially. But she didn t let that stop her. Recovering from M.E. Elizabeth Graney applied all her previous business learning and has done what most coaches dream of that is to establish a successful coaching business!

With workshops, courses and seminars booked 10 months in advance, she is now building her 1-2-1 VIP coaching service and e-learning service so she can help more people achieve their dream.

But how did she do it? I recently spoke with Elizabeth and discovered that her message and outlook is exactly the message we teach at Marketing Help For Coaches. When I asked her to share her “secrets” to success and help other coaches achieve the same results, she jumped at it.

Elizabeth is a highly regarded coach who has helped her clients achieve amazing results in business. She has a proven history of creating businesses. Join us as we discuss exactly how she did it in this informative webinar.

We ll be covering:

  • The truth about building a coaching business and what it really takes
  • How to get the foundations of your business right so you can succeed
  • What must do in the early stages to ensure success
  • How to prepare yourself mentaly for the ups and down
  • The importance of creating a profitable niche
  • How to manage your work life balance and set your priorities
  • How to cut out half the things on your to-do list

Elizabeth s Achievements

1. Joint Venture Partnerships with West Sussex Adult & Community Learning Service, Hampshire Learning, H. M. Prisons in three counties, Job Centre Plus, Impact Plus and the International Federation of Events & Wedding Planners

2. Has clients internationally

3. Balances her successful business with a large family (3 biological children and 2 step children), husband and the challenges of M.E.

4. Retired professional international event rider with a string of 20 horses, fulfilling childhood dream

5. Reduced her working day from 18 hour days, 7 days a week to choosing her own work commitments and having time off when she wants it

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Have you your own experience in this area that you would like to share? We welcome our members contribution. If you have a success story or something to add please feel free to add your comments below.Elizabeth Graney

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