Are You Making the Most of Your Business Card?

by: Louise Barnes-Johnston

One of the first things I do when someone hands me their business card is to turn it over and look at what’s on the reverse side, and I don’t think I’m alone in doing this.

Let’s face it, what’s printed on the front of most business cards is pretty predictable – name, position, business or company name, and contact details (with a few variations). Often I see some very attractive cards – printed on nice quality stock, perhaps with a satin or gloss finish. The proud owner may even have gone to the extra expense of full colour.

But they miss out on a really important marketing opportunity – they leave the reverse of their card blank.

When you get back from a networking meeting, what do you do with the business cards you collect? You look at them more closely. If there is something printed on the reverse you read that too.

While you may discard flyers and brochures (who has enough space to keep them all?), you are more likely to keep a business card so this is probably the most important piece of marketing material you’ve got.

Make use of both sides of your business card – it doesn’t usually cost any more to produce. Put a list of your services, invite people to subscribe to your newsletter, give an introductory offer.

Get the maximum marketing value from your business card, so people really get your message!

About the author: Louise Barnes-Johnston of FrontLine Results Ltd is a Business Accelerator and Coach. She also runs open workshops for small businesses in key areas including Networking, Selling Skills, Time Management and Customer Retention. Email today for your FREE copy of “10 Ways to Boost Your Business”

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