Do you fall foul of the Matrix Mindset?

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Frequently when we start a new business we can get caught up learning our craft and then learning how to turn it into a viable business. We attend expensive training courses funded by ourselves with the aim of learning all we can in order to make our businesses a success. We invest in our skills and we expect a result.

However, for most of us, with our busy life styles and business demands, it can be very easy to pay for an online course, or attend a live course, and fail to see any difference in our skills, and thus not get the return on investment we were after.

We can often fall foul of the Matrix Mindset!

This is when we attend a training program and think, just because we attended, we now have the knowledge and skills to drive ourselves forward, like Neo in the film ‘The Matrix’ who hooked himself up to the system for a few hours and walked away 100% competent in his new skill. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Unfortunately we live in the real world and not a sci-fi movie. We don’t simply become competent at something because we hooked up to the system for a few hours, i.e. read a book, watch a video, or went on a training program. Reading it once does not make us competent. We need to put it into practice, assess our performance, and review our strengths and weaknesses.

With most other things in live, like cooking or sports, we would do this naturally. In fact, at university and college we revised our learning continually preparing for the end of module exam. But have you noticed how in life there is no end exam?

I used to hate exams at University and wonder what the practical application was and when, ever, in my life I was going to have to regurgitate and apply information under pressure within a 3 hour time frame.

Now 8 years on since my last exam, I am starting to appreciate what this was all really for. It wasn’t that we could answer within 3 hours or know it by a particular date, it was that we’d commit to digesting the information and applying it i.e. learn!

As we are no longer at school, or part of government funded training, we have to get a lot more serious about what we invest in, why and the outcomes we want to get from it. It is our responsibility to lead ourselves to ensure we gain the level of skill we need.

Recently I set about learning a new skill. I invested in a program and started using those skills in my business. I got some results for sure. I had a 90% success rate on one element of my new learning. However, I was noticing I wasn’t doing particularly well at the other bits. Although I’d used the program and started taking consistent action, I realised that actually I forgotten to finish the programme. I hadn’t watched all the videos, and the part I wasn’t doing so well at, was actually the same part of the training I hadn’t completed.

This reminded me again – this is not the matrix. If you want to get real skills and make real transformational differences in your business, you need to ensure that not only do you invest in the right training, but you actually use it. And that means using it repeatedly until you see results.

We need to become individuals that, even though there is no looming exam coming up or teacher standing over us, we naturally commit to studying until we achieve a ‘high grade’, and that we select the right training courses at the right time to justify our investment of time. This might mean hiring a coach to keep us on track to achieve the performance level we need to get our return on investment.

If you have challenges in your business right now, or need someone to help you implement your training to the best of your ability, why not call for a chat. I’d be happy to help you assess where you’re up to, what training needs you currently have and how best to move forward. You can call me on 0845 056 8526.

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