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Legal Gold for Coaches

How did this Coach make £64k in one month? – and has business for you!

All too frequently in business today we hear stories of doom and gloom, and the chances are success stories aren't in the coaching industry. Despite its growth in popularity and acceptance in the market only a few coaches have managed … Read more…

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LinkedIn For Coaches

Audio: How to Get Clients Using LinkedIn

Did you know LinkedIn has over 100 million registered businesses, from 200 countries across all 7 continents? And each month it attracts 65 million unique users and is the second most popular platform after Facebook? Added to that, did you … Read more…

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sales training mike clark

Tip 7: How to Create Monumental Growth in Your Business

If you're like me, you want your business to work out TODAY! You want to be confident that you're on the right track and what you're working on will produce the results you need financially. It can be very easy … Read more…

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Mike Clark Sales Activity

Tip 6: Set Meaningful Sales Targets

Cashflow is the life blood of any business and having a constant stream of it is important. To achieve this you must set meaningful targets for your sales activity. Once you've identify how much money you wish to earn in … Read more…

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Buying Cycle Michael Clark

Sales Tip 5: How People Make Buying Decisions

Do you know the difference between great sales people and the not-so-great? In this video Michael tells us that great sales people seek to first serve their client by seeking to understand them and their needs. Only once you have … Read more…

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marketing help sales training coaches

Sales Tip 4: How to Control Your Time

Working in your own business means that you're effectively working a 'Commission Only Role'. If you were in a job that only paid you for what you sold, would this change how you respected your time? What would you do … Read more…

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Sales training for coaches michael clark

Sales Tip: Are your goals out of line?

In this video Michael Clark introduces us to how the unconscious mind can sabotage our best sales efforts. Our conscious mind may set a goal and want to achieve a sales target, but do we really want it? And what … Read more…

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Sales Training Michael Clark

Sales Tip: How to Get Your Focus Right to Ensure You're Winning

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best which you are capable" – John Wooden In Tip 2, Michael Clark talks about the legendary Coach … Read more…

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Michael Clark Sales Training

Two Fundamental Tips for Selling Your Coaching Service

Getting face to face with your prospect and 'selling' your coaching services can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Sales Expert Michael Clark of REVsales has been working in this field for over a decade and now teaches coaches and consultants just how to get the sale. Read more…

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marketing advice

Why you're a hundred miles from 'Making It'

For most people spending the morning being asked to be a guest on two major radio stations would be a dream come true. However for my client, Alistair Miller, for whom this happened to last week, he knew that the … Read more…